The Cooper School Daily

How To Be A Kindergartener

How-To Books
We spent a lot of time this week working on building our How-To books, as Kindergarteners explained all of the things that they feel they’ve mastered. Students walked us step-by-step through how to do all kinds of things, from how to make a donut to taking care of a goldfish. Students started by illustrating their ideas, and built onto those by stretching out the sounds of the words and labeling their photos. Once students felt like they were finished, they looked back at their books to make sure they hadn’t missed any steps along the way! We’re not sure How-To get any more excited about all of the fantastic writing and thinking going on in our classroom.

The Three Little Pigs
This week, Kindergarteners began a case study of a very familiar story… The Three Little Pigs. As students are becoming experts in the tools and materials used for building, we took a look at the decisions of each of the three pigs! Students discussed how straw was definitely not a good choice to build a house with because it’s too flimsy! We decided sticks were stronger, but not strong enough. All Kindergarteners agreed that the best material the pigs used was bricks, because it was strong enough to withstand the wolf (as well as any weather changes!). Students were so excited to get their hands on flimsy and sturdy building materials in our classroom for comparison.

Happy Hanukkah!
We were so excited to welcome Lana Kleiman into our classroom this week to teach us all about the who, what, when, where, and why of Hanukkah. Kindergarteners were so excited to learn all about the traditions, including the menorah and dreidel. Students could not wait to get a chance to try to spin the dreidel themselves. We feel so lucky and thankful for all that Lana taught us to expand our world view!

Important Dates:
December 10th- Kindergarten & 1st Grade Movie Night (5pm-8pm)
December 17th – Pajama Day (11:30am Dismissal)
December 20th – January 3rd – Winter Break (No School)