The Cooper School Daily

Humdinger Fun!


This week we started a new investigation observing humdingers. I was impressed by the students’ creativity in building their own humdinger. Each group built a model of a humdinger using their knowledge of switches and levers. They compared their models with their peers and collaborated to build the best humdinger possible. Ask your child what they learned through this investigation!


In 5th Grade, “Centers” takes place three times a week and is a time for students to have some choice and challenge related to our curriculum. During this time, each scholar moves through the centers at their own pace completing projects in each subject area. This week, students had the opportunity to research wonders of the world, draw comics of vocabulary words, and write book reviews. Ask your child which center was their favorite this week.


Math is an exciting challenge in 5th grade! This week we started rocket math and introduced divisibility rules. This week, in an effort to deepen their understanding of multiplication, 5th graders worked on factors and factor strings. We even had time to play Factor Captor!

Important Dates

September 4th– Labor Day-NO school

September 5-8 – Trip to Green River

September 16th– Yard Sale

September 28th -Curriculum Night