The Cooper School Daily

“Humdinger” of a week!

What a short week full of excitement! We finished our “humdingers”, began Narrative Writing and signed our Classroom Constitution.


This week, we began our first unit of writing: Narrative Writing. Students have learned strategies for generating small moment ideas for their stories. Our recent trip to GRP is great fuel for their stories and it is very exciting reading about their adventures. You can help your child generate more ideas by looking at photo albums and reliving some favorite family memories!


This week we continued our investigation by building our own “humdingers”. Each group was able to build a “humdinger” and have it hum and then ding by pulling a string! Fifth Graders were very innovative and inventive with their designs. We will be putting our skills to the test by building go-carts next week!

Classroom Constitution

After spending a week at GRP, the students have incorporated aspects of our trip into the classroom rules. Green River Preserve taught us how to respect each other, respect our environment and be leaders. The students created a Classroom Constitution incorporating attributes learned at GRP with those already established at The Cooper School. Just like the great leaders who signed the Constitution, students took turns signing the Class Constitution with a quill and ink!

Important Dates

September 16th– Yard Sale

September 28th -Curriculum Night