The Cooper School Daily

Humor me

We are in the middle of a science fiction unit in reading. As I am sure you are familiar with, your kids are in book clubs to discuss the literature amongst themselves. I started reading one of the books last night, Space Case, by Stewart Gibbs. In my opinion, it’s hilarious! If you think a chapter-long description about space toilets and freeze-dried, coagulated chicken parmesan is funny, check it out for a chuckle!

However, as I was reading it, I reflected on how much we laugh at school. We are of course working hard and persistently trying to finish our last projects and lessons before summertime, but we LAUGH! We take our work seriously, but try not to take ourselves too seriously. When we do, it’s a lot harder to learn from our mistakes. It also makes us feel good and enjoy our learning environment.

What’s happening in Science:
Scientists have been working hard on an interactive google slide for the TCS elementary students. The elementary students will be able to choose and click on animals they are interested in, which leads them to individual presentations made by the middle schoolers. Scientists have included interesting facts, classification characteristics, and more, including the animals’ most common ancestor to humans. Your sons and daughters are excited about sharing their work with you as well!

What’s up in Math?
This week, Fifth Graders have been working on solving area problems with side lengths that have mixed numbers. Mathematicians used the area model as well as the distributive property and converted mixed numbers to improper fractions.
Sixth Graders completed their End-of-Module 4 Assessment (which I believe was the hardest test so far!) Mathematicians completed test corrections and evaluated any mistakes they made on the assessment. This week we have been exploring how the area of a triangle is half the area of a rectangle. We used hands on models to apply the concept in order to correlate their understanding to the equation area=½ base x height.

In Writing:
Writers finished writing and editing their sports articles and turned them in. Then we explored editorials! I found a really great editorial written by a 12 year old finalist for the middle school category of the New York Times Seventh Annual Student Editorial Contest middle school editorial contest. Check it out using the link:
Student’s then brainstormed ideas for their own editorials and began writing their very own piece!

Important Dates:
May 7th- Virtual Pass It On (5pm)- Half Day
May 10th- May 13: ERB Testing
May 18th-May 21st: Green River Preserve Middle School Trip
May 31- Memorial Day-No School
June 3rd: Last Day of School/Field Day