The Cooper School Daily


“To find yourself, think for yourself.”

– Socrates

I am sure most people are aware of the large shift in independence that occurs among middle school aged children. We have begun to notice it more and more ever since we came back from Winter Break. As teachers, it’s important that we continue to foster independence; however, this is now accomplished by letting go, and letting them start to take charge while coaching from the sidelines. Adolescents who are encouraged to take charge for themselves—even if they mess up—turn into independent, resilient young adults able to handle life’s ups and downs. And that’s the goal, right?

We have been working hard to encourage students to get out of their comfort zone, and become critical thinkers, take charge of their learning, and make choices for themselves the past few weeks. We are here to help and support, but our expectations continue to rise as we see students getting closer and closer to this finish line, it’s now time to start preparing for what’s to come, and it starts here with independence. We focus on things that they have control over, and new ways they can begin to do things on their own. We are so proud of all the hard work from these kiddos and we are looking forward to the many ways they will exceed our expectations! 

What’s happening in Science:

This week in science, each scientist researched an organ system and figured out how it interconnects with other organ systems. In groups, they applied their new knowledge to diagnose a “mock patient” who was experiencing fatigue, coughing, and muscle soreness.

What’s up in Math?

Fifth graders finalized their 3rd module by preparing, taking, and correcting their end-of-module assessment. Students worked hard to express their understanding and application of fractions in the real world scenarios. We also began the first few introductory lessons of module 4! 

Sixth graders demonstrated their understanding of rational numbers, integers, and their opposites on their mid-module assessment this week. Sixth graders took time to review and correct any misconceptions! We also began integrating the coordinate plane this week, and busted out the robots to help us plot ordered pairs on a dry, erase mat! 

In Writing:

Writers evaluated character development and discussed character motives this week. They evaluated why authors include subtle details about the characters, and used their understanding to discover themes and lessons in stories. They have been using these conclusions to assist in their literary essay on “Raymond’s Run” by Toni Cade Bambara. 

Important Dates:

February 15-16- Winter Break: No School

February 24- Class Social

March 1-2 Conferences

March 29- April 6 Spring Break