The Cooper School Daily

Identifying & Investigating!

Can you read between the lines?

Sometimes authors don’t use exact words to tell the reader what is happening in a story. Fourth Graders watched a short animated video where characters were interacting without speaking. Students were encouraged to infer what the storyline was about. The next activity was to use strategies to infer a non-fiction text. Students learned how to identify the narrator and answer multiple choice questions. Our scholars are continuing to learn different strategies to interpret stories. Students gained a new strategy for test prep, which will help them reach their goals in the short and long term. Please ask your child to identify a strategy they used to interpret the plot of a story.


It’s all about the Sun, Moon, and Stars!

“Each day of our lives, something utterly wonderful happens that most of us take for granted. The Sun comes up, and the Sun goes down.” We are starting the Sun, Moon, and Stars unit in Science! Our scientists have already started discovering interesting facts about the Sun by identifying its path across the sky and the pivotal role the earth plays as it rotates around the Sun. Their first investigation involved tracking the Sun’s position throughout the day, using cardinal directions on a compass. They learned all about objects in the sky and how people retrieve information about things they discover. Our second investigation of the Sun will involve shadow tracking! Please ask your child how many hours of daylight exists from sunrise to sunset, in Charleston, SC.


Obstacle courses can be FUNctional too!

Fourth Graders were in for a surprise during Movement, when we created an intricate relay race/obstacle course. Two teams were created between 4th and 5th Graders. The mission of the obstacle course was to inspire students to work in teams, showcase Motor Memory, follow multi-step directions, and understand time and space. The course included balls, hula hoops and cones. We had students do the following; dribble the soccer ball around a set of cones, roll a hula hoop around blocks, climb up the play structure and down the slide, take a swing on the swingset and race back to the starting line. Once a team member went down the slide, the next one in line could start their turn. Please ask your child about their experience in the relay/obstacle course.  


Important Dates:

Thursday, 2/14 Valentine’s Day Concert

Monday, 2/18 February Break-No School

Tuesday, 2/19 11:30 Dismissal