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“Identity: What makes up a person’s identity? What defines your identity?
WAIT…Hands DOWN! Talk to a buddy (or two) around you about what you are thinking..”

Ms. Lindsay, Social Studies Class, Tuesday…

Talking about our identity, what identity even means, such as our conscious identity, and our unconscious identity, led to some bonding class experiences this week. Witnessing your sons and daughters answering who they really are through their own adolescent lens and open to vulnerability in front of their peers was monumental. Having a discussion about the way they see things is because of who they are, and that the way they think of their own thinking impacts history was a moment I was reminded of the importance of progressive education. We were all respectful, open, constructively critical, and open to change. I love every one of your kiddos! Every single one of them makes me a more whole and better human being. -LD

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Social Studies:
This week, historians explored medieval towns. In groups, they researched guilds, crime, punishment, trade, home life, disease, medicine, and entertainment. They presented what they learned to the class professionally with google slides and short skits. We will cover the fall of feudalism next week. After the break, we will be studying everyone’s favorite…the Black Plague! Historians will not only explore the history and its impact on medieval Europe, but they will also investigate the science of diseases and how viruses and bacteria spread to make us sick.

What’s up in Math?
This week, students showed their mastery of the first half of the unit with a Mid-Unit Assessment. Students were assessed on fraction multiplication and division. Next week, we will begin our exploration of decimals. We will begin decimals in a shopping context, students will use grocery store ads found online in order to compare prices to find the most cost-effective grocer. From there, we will move into using diagrams to represent decimal operations. Then, we will perform explicit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with decimals. Students have shown great understanding of fractions and the procedures used to find products and quotients. I am looking forward to transitioning to decimals with their level of foundational understanding of fractions!

What’s happening in ELA?
Sixth graders have worked to identify main ideas and details in their non-fiction article entitled “Lessons From the Deep”. Please continue to reinforce this particular skill at home by helping them with various nonfiction reading and even using current events found in newspaper articles or magazines.

Important Dates:
December 17th – Pajama Day- Holiday Extravaganza (10:30) 11:30 Dismissal
December 20th – 31st Winter Break
January 4th – School Resumes