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“Identity: What makes up a person’s identity? What defines your identity?
WAIT…Hands DOWN! Talk to a buddy (or two) around you about what you are thinking..”

Ms. Lindsay, Social Studies Class, Tuesday…

Talking about our identity, what identity even means, such as our conscious identity, and our unconscious identity, led to some bonding class experiences this week. Witnessing your sons and daughters answering who they really are through their own adolescent lens and open to vulnerability in front of their peers was monumental. Having a discussion about the way they see things is because of who they are, and that the way they think of their own thinking impacts history was a moment I was reminded of the importance of progressive education. We were all respectful, open, constructively critical, and open to change. I love every one of your kiddos! Every single one of them makes me a more whole and better human being. -LD

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Social Studies:
The seventh Graders have been practicing and perfecting their presentations. They finished up their speeches early this week, which gave them time to recite and practice for each other. They provided constructive feedback and positive reinforcement, supporting each other to do their best. Eva has even offered to make awards using her 3D printer to pass out at the presentation ceremony for the “Changemakers.” When we return from break, we will begin our next science unit on ecosystems and biomimicry.

What’s up in Math?
Students are continuing to deepen their solving equation skills. I am impressed, not surprised, but definitely impressed with their ability to solve multi-step equations. They are able to translate tape diagrams, hangar diagrams, and word problems into equations and solve for the variable. Today, we began looking at percentages. We started with using a shopping context and we discussed using coupons stacked with discounts, how to change a percent to a decimal, and how to represent more than 100%. We will wrap our first algebra unit next week with a Unit 3 Assessment on Thursday. We will continue with equations, and add inequalities when we return from Winter Break!

What’s happening in ELA:
Seventh Graders have worked this week on choosing research topics. They are learning how to read important documents for research purposes and to be able to cite their resources. They have also learned that with free speech comes a heavy responsibility.
Your Seventh Graders have picked a topic that they are passionate about researching. Make sure you ask them about how their ELA classes are coming along. I am sure they’re excited to share with you what they have learned about various issues that they can advocate for through thorough research.

Seventh graders are also working with their Global Connect peers in China on a project. It is very important that they complete their research and upload any work they have completed before December 6th. They will have a Zoom class with their peers in Asia on 12/13/21 at 5:45 PM.

Important Dates:

December 17th – Pajama Day- Holiday Extravaganza (10:30) 11:30 Dismissal
December 20th – 31st Winter Break
January 4th – School Resumes