The Cooper School Daily

I’m just like…vibing

“Geez Ms. Lindsay, we’re just like vibing. Vibe with us”
-Anonymous TCS Middle School Student

So what started out as an inside joke one morning, actually helped us gain more from our self-assessments. When I was told to “vibe” and said I am, I am “jiving” and got an entire explanation on “vibing” as something you don’t do, but more…I had to contemplate on what the “next generation” was trying to teach me. So, I reflected. And, by-golly, they were right!

Whether this is what a Tik Tok video would describe as “vibing,” what I figured out was they were telling me to remember the importance of slowing down, evaluating the mood of the group, and trying to triage what is best needed. Jasmine and I do this daily, actually, sometimes more days it feels like we do it more than others, but during self-assessment preparation, the frequency of the mood changed for every student differently. It required truly connecting with every student’s needs, but still maintaining a pleasant environment for everyone else academically and emotionally for the self-reflection to have meaning and to provide growth for each student.
So, I had to vibe and realized in order to do so, we had to listen to African meditation music with a kora and a flute…and “we like, vibed.”

What’s happening in Science:
This week, scientists began solving a case about a diamondback terrapin that was found in the saltmarsh outside of the South Carolina Aquarium. They had an opportunity to zoom in with an expert from the aquarium, watch a terrapin eat her breakfast, and ask questions about these amazing creatures to help them solve the case! They played a food chain tag game eating “popsicles sticks” that represented food, water, and microplastics to see the impact plastic has on the saltmarsh through biomagnification. They will be reflecting on ways they can make a difference in plastic pollution here in Charleston, after they solve the case!

What’s up in Math?
Fifth and Sixth Graders truly enjoyed presenting their makey-makey interactive math projects to you during conferences this week! Then we all got right back into the groove of things by starting up module lessons once again, students found comfort and ease going back to what is familiar to them. Fifth Graders finished lesson 12, studied for their mid-module assessment, and took their assessment on Friday. Sixth Graders have been using classroom resources to create their own manipulatives to correlate the relationship between repeated subtraction and division, and eventually related the similarities between multiplication and division.

In Writing:
Writers are enthusiastic about the beginning of our new writing unit: Journalism! This week, we discussed the history of the first amendment and the value of free press. Writers studied different newspapers and categorized articles based on persuasiveness, entertainment, and informative styles of writing.

Important Dates:
March 29- April 6 Spring Break