The Cooper School Daily

Independent Kindergartners !


Kindergartners have been working very hard to finish constructing their buildings. Students took their final blueprints and made them come to life. They used several different items such as cardboard boxes, bottles, wood, paint, and more to make them perfect. We finally finished completing our buildings this week and are preparing for our buildings museum next week. Kindergartners are so eager to show you their buildings and drawings!


Math Mania

Math has been so fun and exciting this week. Kindergartners are continuing to learn how to identify and make a set of objects have one less or one more. We also have learned how to match and count to compare a number of objects. Kindergarteners have used several math manipulatives such as dice, pennies, and number cubes to compare groups. Ask your Kindergartner to sort out some objects at home and see if they can make them one less or one more.


We Are Independent!

This week scholars began looking at the many ways that we can be independent at school. Kindergarten friends discussed ways they can be independent in school, from packing their tote bags by themselves to putting on their coats and even climbing the rock wall without any help. These independent scholars know they can demonstrate independence in school by always trying first and then using our special words, “ask three, then me.” Ask your brave Kindergartener their favorite way to show independence at school!


Important Dates:

  • Monday, January 21 – MLK Day/ No School
  • Tuesday, January 22- Kindergarten Building Museum at 8:15
  • Thursday, January 31- Art Walk
  • Friday, February 1st -100th Day Projects are due
  • Monday, February 4th-100th Day of School