The Cooper School Daily


Week of March 9-13

Inspired by Nature

On Wednesday, we took our writing outside!  In Reading Workshop, we have been reading and discussing poetry with imagery from nature. Students were inspired to write about the newly leafed-out trees, the blooming flowers, the songs of the birds, as well as the things they love on the playground.  Students used the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the things they encountered outdoors to create their poetry. Lovely!

Addition and Subtraction Within Forty

Our math work may look a little different from the way that you learned to add and subtract.  Right now our emphasis is on using our strategies of RDW (Read, Draw, Write) using  drawings to solve problems. An important element of the problem solving process is the final step of writing in sentence form the answer to the question that was posed. As we move on to the “within ten” processes, we are practicing with “quick tens” and ones, combining the tens, recording the tens and ones in their proper place in the place value chart, building tens by moving ones, and much of this is done using the base ten “cubes (1) and longs (10)” as well as the linking cubes.  Significant learning is occuring!! Hooray for math!

Trimester Three Science Investigation

We have begun our third trimester with a Science unit on “Solids and Liquids.” In this unit,  students are learning to identify and categorize different forms of matter by their properties. They are sorting objects into collections, using tables to record their data, constructing towers from solid objects, and looking around their world for solid objects to be found in nature and in the built environment.

Important  Dates:   

Saturday, March 149:00am – 12:00pm Spring Planting Party

March 23 – 27, 2020 Spring Break