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Introducing Empathy


This week, Second Graders strengthened their understanding of multiplication and division concepts by using manipulatives, arrays, and diagrams to find the answer to number stories. Students learned multiplication is an operation used to find the total number of things in several equal groups. They used arrays to determine the number of rows and the number of items in each row. Once Students had drawn out the array, they were able to clearly identify the total or answer to their multiplication problem. Overall, students were thrilled to be learning basic multiplication and division facts.


Cooper Village

Second Graders shopped for their materials to help better prepare their Cooper Village house for aIMG_5611 natural disaster such as, a hurricane, earthquake, or fire. Students joined back up with the their natural disaster group to purchase building materials for their residential home. Each student could only spend a dollar and was forced to make a decision about what would keep their home safe if their natural disaster struck. Students gave strong reasons for buying some materials over others. For example, some students chose to make their house of bricks instead of cement. Everyone in the Hurricane Group chose to put their house on stilts because of the dangers of flooding. While some students in the Fire Group opted for extra long water hoses to wrap around their house, others wanted a smoke detector to alarm them of a fire. Second Graders are so excited to present everything they have put together and worked so hard on.



Each semester, we focus on two different social emotional traits that help students to be successful,Empthy MM Message not only at school but also in life. Early this trimester we focused on accuracy, the meaning and how to achieve it. Now we are discussing empathy, what it looks like and sounds like in our daily lives. Second Graders reflected on how they have shown empathy in the past to someone. Many students shared a time when someone showed them empathy in their life.


Important Dates:

Thursday, February 25th                Cooper Village Presentation

Monday, March 7th                         ½ Day – Student Conferences

Tuesday, March 8th                        ½ Day – Student Conferences