The Cooper School Daily

Inuit Shelter, Art Walk, and Function Machines!


Inuit Shelter

This week scholars took a closer look at Inuit shelter and how they have changed over time. First Graders were thrilled to investigate the traditional Inuit homes known as “igloos”. Igloos are dome shaped homes that were built from blocks of ice, to help protect the Inuit from the harsh and bitter cold climate in the Arctic. Can you believe that these homes had windows made of frozen ice? Today, the Inuit live in regular homes with electricity. My, how times have changed! During Learning Centers, First Graders even practiced building igloos made of sugar cubes! Ask your brave polar expert what they learned about how Inuit shelters have changed over time!

 Art Walk 2018

 This week The Cooper School opened its doors to celebrate the awesome collection of artwork created by students this year. Families joined their children to stroll the campus, which has been transformed into one giant art gallery, showcasing student artwork! Students were thrilled to escort their families through the school pointing out their masterpieces and admiring the artwork created by their friends. Families enjoyed reading unique Artists Statements thoughtfully crafted by these brave young artists. Bravo to all of the beautiful artists and their amazing art teacher, Mrs. Kerry Bevers!

What’s My Rule?

This week First Grade mathematicians were introduced to the “What’s My Rule?” routine and Function Machines. “What’s My Rule?” provides a format for young scholars to think about rule-based relationships between pairs of numbers and also provides practice with number patterns and number facts. A Function Machine is a table diagram to help First Grade friends visualize the “What’s My Rule?” routine. The machines have a number go in and are “programmed” to change the numbers according to a rule. First Grade scholars were thrilled to take on this new way of thinking about number patterns and number facts.


Important Dates

 Tuesday, Jan. 30th              The Opinion Pages Publishing Party, 8:15

Friday, Feb. 9th                    Valentine’s Day Bake Sale 2:15-2:45

Wednesday, Feb. 14th       Valentine’s Day Concert 1:30pm (Circular Church)

Friday, Feb. 16th -19th         February Break, No School

Tuesday, Feb. 20th              Inuit Presentation, 8:15