The Cooper School Daily

Investigating Compelling Wonders!

Research Driven Investigations

Our curious scientists were given the opportunity to research a compelling wonder about sound. Science partners worked side by side to record their guiding question (compelling wonder), research nonfiction books to search for answers or conduct an experiment that would answer their question and build a visual aid to present to the class. To prepare for the presentation, each partnership planned their speech by writing down the most important facts they needed to share about their topic. Partners were mindful about their time and making sure they had equal talking opportunities. On Friday, partners presented their question, answer and research or experiment to their peers. Third Graders practiced using loud speaker voices, making eye contact, being a compassionate audience member and asking follow-up questions. Bravo, brave scientists!

List of Compelling Wonders…

Can you see sound waves? What is the Doppler Effect? Which tool amplifies sound the loudest? How do whales and dolphins communicate under water? Why do animals have different sized ears (sound receivers)? What is the difference between soft sounds and loud sounds?


Ann Cameron Celebration

Third Grade readers celebrated their realistic fiction study with books in a series written by Ann Cameron. Students read The Stories Julian Tells books with their Fourth Grade reading buddies. As readers discussed book chapters, they talked about the story elements. Third Graders shared the book report they wrote on their favorite story in this series. At the end of the celebration, Third and Fourth graders voted for their favorite book. Ask your Third Grader to summarize their favorite story from this series!


Important Dates:

  • October 4th              VIBES on-site Study Trip & Parent Presentation- The Gift of Failure, Porter-Gaud 7:00pm
  • October 10 & 11      Fall Break, No School
  • October 26th          Third Grade Parent Morning Meeting, 8:00am
  • October 31st           Halloween Carnival, 11:30 Dismissal