The Cooper School Daily

It takes a village!

Hey Parents!

It is so nice to see you at school again. In-person conferences, presentations, coffee gatherings, and even vaccine clinics are happening at TCS…yay! We truly appreciated having the opportunity to connect with you this week. Being able to meet in person to celebrate your children’s work and brainstorm ways to support them truly will help us navigate the rest of the school year. Because you know your sons and daughters better than anyone, learning more about them straight from you is so helpful for us to guide their learning.

Thank you for your transparency, stories, support, and great company!

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Social Studies:
This week, historians started working on their American History projects. They all have chosen a “change maker” who has changed the “We” in “We, the people” of America. The historians considered some of the people we have studied in class, as well as other historical figures they view as vital “changemakers” to our country. After they research, they will create a visual representation of their changemaker, a speech describing how he or she has made a difference in the “We” as Americans and how they feel the “we” has shifted throughout American history. They will also include a timeline that includes accomplishments and moments in the changemaker’s life that created a “shift” in equality. More about the day and time of the presentation will be shared soon!

What’s up in Math?
We have spent the majority of our week working through finding the slope of a line using two points, and finding the equation of a line using the slope and an unknown point. Unit 3 introduces equations. Students first reason with equations using tape diagrams and then in the second section, they develop strategies and procedures to solve. I know that the students are looking forward to getting into Algebra after spending the first trimester in Geometry!

What’s happening in ELA:
Hello, parents!

I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather that we’re having here in Charleston.

Many of your middle schoolers completed their first trimester successfully and I am so proud of them. Now that I have gotten to know your students and what they’re capable of, and they’ve gotten to know me and my expectations, I expect them to be even more responsible during this 2nd trimester.

Your middle schoolers are expected to follow the “Three Rs” introduced to them in the first trimester of ELA class: respectful, responsible, and resourceful. Students are expected to come to class prepared and complete all class and homework assignments. Homework assignments are to be written down in their planners and can also be found on their Google Classroom.

Students will be completing their vocabulary lessons this week and starting grammar next week. We alternate between grammar and vocabulary every two weeks. The skills they learn throughout their grammar and vocabulary lessons are expected to be applied in all their ELA writings.

Seventh graders are reading Boy by Roald Dahl. It is a funny autobiography written by Roald Dahl. Parents, it is a great book, and I am learning about the source of many of his stories. Have your ladies discuss with you about what they’ve read and my reaction to some of the funny (not so funny) parts in the story.

Important Dates:
November 19: Harvest Festival (10am)- 11:30 dismissal
November 22-26: Thanksgiving Break- no school