The Cooper School Daily

It’s Almost May

Flora and Fauna in our Biome
Kindergarteners were very excited to zero in on their biomes this week as we focused on the different fauna and flora you might find there. After study and research into the Polar, Rainforest, Desert, and Wetlands biomes, students used their knowledge to paint backdrops for a mural. Backdrops included expected landscapes, plants, as well as weather. After finishing painting, students used all of their research to begin drawing and cutting out all of the animals that they know live in that biome. After cutting them out, students attached them to the area of the mural in which you might find the animal walking, flying, or swimming!

Clothing with a Purpose
This week, students spent time exploring some of the world’s most recent and impressive inventions in fashion. Our classroom was filled with excitement as we learned all about a hoodie with a pillow attached to its hood (for napping), a backpack with a retracting umbrella (for rain and sun!), as well as a new pair of shoes that help the owner run faster. Kindergarteners couldn’t wait to brainstorm and put their own creative ideas on paper!

Middle School Buddies
We were so excited to meet with 6th Graders this week for Reading Buddies! Kindergarteners have really built special bonds this year with all of their older peers, but there is something special about seeing a middle schooler care for and read to the youngest students in our school. Students partnered up, explored our backyard, and found a comfortable spot to get in a little reading. We were so proud to see Kindergarteners showing off their own reading skills as well!

Important Dates:
May 2nd – Biome Fashion Show (8:30am)
May 12th- Pass It On 5:00-6:30pm (Trinity Hall)
May 30th – Memorial Day (No School)
June 3rd – Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30am Dismissal)