The Cooper School Daily

January 11th, 2019



Third Graders got right back to work this week and began their latest math unit on fractions. Students were introduced to fraction circles and used tactile cutouts to manipulate different parts of the whole. Once Third Graders got a grasp on fractions, we began to work this week on mastering fraction equivalents. Students had fun illustrating their own fraction circles!


Students kicked off the New Year in Writing by beginning our study of petitions! Students were introduced to petitions this week through a series of printouts Ms. Subhadra had found from campaigns designed by other children online. Example petitions included the removal of BVO from Gatorade, the reimagination of pink or cutesy Legos designed “for girls”, and the plea to save a turkey at Thanksgiving by eating vegetarian. Third Graders spent the end of the week brainstorming and writing their own petitions to create change!

Social Studies

Third Graders were excited to start their Asia study in Social Studies this week. To kick off our study, students looked at and learned to identify Asia on a world map. Students began to study the many biomes of Asia, starting with the Grasslands and had the opportunity to illustrate the many attributes of these dry areas of the continent. Third Graders cannot contain their excitement for starting their individual projects and have already begun to consider their topics of interest for this intriguing unit.


Important Dates:

  • January 21st – MLK Day (No School)
  • January 31st – Art Walk