The Cooper School Daily

January Excitement!

Special Visitor

This week we had a special visitor come in and talk to the class about Scotland. We are deep into our Europe study and we loved hearing about one of the countries we are focusing on by someone who actually lived there! He had so many interesting stories to tell and great artifacts to show us. We even got to try Scottish Shortbread, it was amazing!

We are Persuasive!

This week we are finishing up our Persuasive Essays. Writers thought about what was most important to them and voiced their opinion about the subject. Some writers thought they were responsible enough to get a new puppy, and some writers thought we should only have a four day school week. They included great evidence to back up their reasons and are excited to share these with you soon!


Adding Fractions

We have started our Unit 5 in Math this week. Fifth Grade Mathematicians are excited to learn how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators. We practice these skills by using different strategies. We especially like using our fraction pieces and connecting them together to find out the correct answers for these difficult fraction problems.




Important Dates:


Monday, 1/21 MLK Day No School

Tuesday, 1/22 4th and 5th Grade Field Trip-Number the Stars Play

Thursday, 1/31 Art Walk