The Cooper School Daily

Joyous January!

Week of January 13-17

Independent Scholars

Our Social-Emotional Learning component is shared across grades. All are now reflecting in Morning Meetings and at other times of the day on how they as students can be more independent at school and in their lives at home. Some of the thoughts they have expressed regarding academic goals are reading challenging books, reading math directions without teacher support, and practicing active listening when friends are sharing during lessons and discussions. We celebrate each forward step toward achieving their goals, no matter how small!

Marvelous Mathematicians

As we approach the conclusion of our second module in math, our focus on addition and subtraction (or composing and decomposing) has expanded to being able to choose which of the many strategies they have learned ( counting on, making ten, taking from ten, fact families, etc.) will be the most efficient.  Over and above that process, we are solidifying the understanding that a two-digit number represents amounts of tens and ones–place value! We will continue to focus this knowledge on the numbers from 11-19, the “teen” numbers.

We Learn French Customs

First Graders have French class with Mme. Sophie each week. They are learning the French words for colors, family members, clothes, foods, as well as basic greetings.  This week, students participated in a classroom celebration of King Cake Day. They enjoyed a delicious King Cake pastry. As is the custom in French culture, the King Cake was baked with a small token inside. The student who found the token was crowned Queen for the day and she chose the King! Great fun for all! Tres bien!