The Cooper School Daily

Jumping Ahead…

Measurement and Data Collection


This week, students teamed up and measured the lengths of their arm span and standing long jump in centimeters and inches. They recorded their data and shared both measurements with the class. In the following lessons, students worked as a community to organize their arm span and long jump data from greatest to least. They created a line plot with Post-Its on the white board. Once they rearranged their lengths from smallest to greatest, it was easy for them to identify the mode (most common number), the median (the middle number) and the range (the amount between the largest and smallest numbers).


Writing Poetry


On Wednesday, Poetry enthusiasts transitioned into poetry writers. Scholars began by learning how to look at different objects with a poet’s eye. Students practiced capturing their thoughts and images with carefully selected words, metaphors, similes, and onomatopoeias. They proudly shared poems about dancing clouds, fireflies that make a flashlight glow, and lonely pencils patiently waiting to be used. By letting their imagination be stretched, these scholars were able to see things with a whole new lens.


Student-Led Conferences

Second Graders began the week leading their own self assessment conference. Students discussed their progress with their parents by rotating through four different centers. Brave scholars guided their parents through Math, Reading & Writing, Cooper Village and a Portfolio center. Each center focused on a rigorous skill or concept they have learned throughout the school year. Scholars highlighted their growth, strengths, and goals they wished to continue in order to achieve mastery.


Important Dates


March 12th                                     Daylight Savings Time – Turn Clocks                                                                                                                                                   Forward

March 24th                                     Stingray Family Night 7 P.M.

March 25th                                     Planting Party

March 30th                                     Parent Forum – 5:45-6:45 P.M.