The Cooper School Daily

Jumping Right into the New Year!


Second Graders began the New Year by completing a math exploration. During the first Exploration, students used attribute cards to assign rules to shapes. They then had the challenge of identifying the shapes using clues. The second Exploration challenged students to create arrays using dice and cubes. Students recorded their array on grid paper and solved the multiplication fact. In the third Exploration, students made different types of quadrilaterals and polygons on geoboards by reading and following each clue given. Each activity provides students with an opportunity to review and enhance geometry skills.


Opinion Writing

Do you have a favorite book? Perhaps you have a favorite author or illustrator. Second Graders have been thinking about their favorite types of books and learning how to write about these opinions. Students began writing opinion papers by using everything they learned from previous years such as, beginning each paper with a statement that grabs your reader’s attention or stating your opinion first for clarity. Brave writers found ways to make their letters about books even stronger by retelling important parts. These Second Graders already knew to be mindful of their audience when composing opinion letters. Once they completed their first letter, they gave them to First Grade in order to gain feedback. Through letter writing and book recommendations, students will write about their opinions, explain their reasons why, and use evidence to support their ideas!


One Word

To begin the New Year, people make resolutions or new goals to guide their lives. During Morning Meeting, Students were introduced to “One Word” resolutions. “One Word” is a relatively new trend that empowers individuals to focus on a desired characteristic for the New Year by simply remembering a premeditated one word. Students were asked to choose one word that they will focus on this year. The class brainstormed ideas and shared their “One Word” from last year. In addition, students explained why they chose that word, and how it helped guide them throughout the year. By the end of the week, students began choosing their new word for 2017. Be sure to ask your child what word they chose and why.


Important Dates:

Thursday, January 12th         Caw Caw-Study Trip

Thursday, January 12th           Parent Forum at 5:45 to 6:45kk     

Monday, January 16th           MLK Day- No School

Monday, January 23rd           James and the Giant Peach-Study Trip

Friday, January 27th              The Art Walk 8:00am-9:00am