The Cooper School Daily

“Jumping” Right Into the School Year!

Centers_Sept_15Movement Monday

This week, The Cooper School opened up a new toy for our playful scholars to enjoy in the backyard. These happy jumpers were excited to practice various jumping techniques during Movement Monday. They practiced jumping rope forwards, backwards, and even partnered up with different classmates.


This week, students completed Unit 1 of Everyday Math. In Unit 2, students are challenged to create and solve number stories, work towards mastery of addition and subtraction facts, and play new games that reinforce the concepts in the lesson.


Centers is a popular time of day for 2nd graders. These inquisitive learners love to cycle through independent activities that mirror skills they are working on throughout the week. This student directed time allows children to reinforce their learning and have lots of fun in the process. This week students created speech bubbles. This center activity correlated with adding action and dialogue to their Narrative Writing. Students also used coins to add up the value of different words and manipulated shapes to create a pattern of tessellations.