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Just Vibe

“Just Vibe!” I say aloud to the class as they settle in for a Study Hall. An eighth grader looks at me and says, “Remember when I was in 6th grade and we tried so hard to find our vibe?” I looked at her and realized how correct she was and how important it is in the TCS middle school culture to be able to “just vibe,” or in adult words, read the room. Every classroom and teacher, according to the students, have their own vibe. Each grade of students, of course, has their own energy. But, overall, the atmosphere of the middle school has been one that we have not had since its inception. The joy, laughter, and transparency between friends, teachers, and advisories is unique. Of course there’s a reality, with conflict, adverse remarks, and even “break-ups,” but that is overshadowed by the amount of time for friends to create their own vibe and be themselves. Reflecting on the ways the middle school has evolved since my first year, as I prepare to see my first class graduate, I’m reminded why progressive education is a gift. These kids are given an opportunity to be who they are and find their authentic selves. The overall “vibe” is to be you…period. As they leave TCS they will take that “gift” and hopefully, continue to share it!


Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?
Sixth graders presented their projects about the diseases that influenced history this week! We learned about yellow fever, bubonic plague, diabetes II, spanish flu, and more! They created very entertaining, but informative slides. This project was a wonderful example of how much they have grown and learned this year. They not only learned a lot of scientific content and skills, but also how to manage time, create a professional presentation, and how to make information compelling.

What’s up in ELA?

Most of the sixth graders have completed their Social Issues Book Club final reading project. They are now completing a five paragraph research paper on electric cars, drones, volcanoes, USAID in disasters, Suffragist Movement, and the dangers of social media. We are through with the grammar workbook and reading logs for the school year.

What’s going on in Math?

Sixth grade finished their last assessment of the year today! They were able to correctly order rational numbers, perform operations with integers, and practiced their number sense in order to answer questions about altitude and rate. They have remained resilient this year and continued to persist and persevere through learning and mastering math concepts during their sixth grade year!

What’s happening in Social Studies?

Students learned about the Renaissance by looking at specific artists and analyzing some short bibliographies. Students then moved into Imperialism by playing a game that let them get a feel of the competition that the European countries felt while they competed for Africa.

Important Dates:

May 5- Middle School Dance (7pm-9pm)
May 26th – Teacher Work Day (No School)
May 29th – Memorial Day (No School)
June 1st – Half Day (11:30am Dismissal)
June 2nd – Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30am Dismissal)