The Cooper School Daily

Just Vibe

“Just Vibe!” I say aloud to the class as they settle in for a Study Hall. An eighth grader looks at me and says, “Remember when I was in 6th grade and we tried so hard to find our vibe?” I looked at her and realized how correct she was and how important it is in the TCS middle school culture to be able to “just vibe,” or in adult words, read the room. Every classroom and teacher, according to the students, have their own vibe. Each grade of students, of course, has their own energy. But, overall, the atmosphere of the middle school has been one that we have not had since its inception. The joy, laughter, and transparency between friends, teachers, and advisories is unique. Of course there’s a reality, with conflict, adverse remarks, and even “break-ups,” but that is overshadowed by the amount of time for friends to create their own vibe and be themselves. Reflecting on the ways the middle school has evolved since my first year, as I prepare to see my first class graduate, I’m reminded why progressive education is a gift. These kids are given an opportunity to be who they are and find their authentic selves. The overall “vibe” is to be you…period. As they leave TCS they will take that “gift” and hopefully, continue to share it!


What’s happening in Social Studies?
Eighth grade students studied the Cold War and Globalization. Students looked at specific human rights and saw the different perspectives of those rights from different points of view. Students were able to compare the different rights around the world.

What’s happening in ELA?
Most eighth graders have completed their dystopian fiction final reading project. They have started their short fantasy story writing this week. Some are co-authoring stories and others are writing individual stories. We are through with the grammar workbook and reading logs for the school year.

What’s happening in Science?
Eighth graders studied plants that changed history this year. They each chose a plant that has influenced society either positively or negatively. They used the book written by Bill Laws to guide their selection and research. The eighth graders created presentations to teach the rest of the class about their plant. Next week, we will be going to Hampton Park and see if we can find and identify some of their plants, as well as other influential common garden plants.

What’s happening in Math?
Eighth grade finished their last assessment of the year today! They were able to factor quadrilaterals using several different strategies and discerning when to use what strategy. They have remained resilient this year and continued to persist and persevere through learning and mastering Algebra 1 concepts during their last middle school year!

Important Dates:

May 5- Middle School Dance (7pm-9pm)
May 26th – Teacher Work Day (No School)
May 29th – Memorial Day (No School)
June 1st – Half Day (11:30am Dismissal)
June 2nd – Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30am Dismissal)