The Cooper School Daily

Kinder Buddies!

Kinder Reading Buddies

On Wednesday our Kinder Buddies paraded through the school with books in hand. We made signs to hold up while they came through the 5th grade classroom to show our support. After the parade, we went to the Kindergarten classroom to listen to these new readers dive into their books. Our 5th Graders were reminded how hard it is when you are just beginning to read, we reminisced back to those days and shared our own experiences with our younger friends.  


Super Spellers

Our Super Spellers were given a challenge to write sentences using some of their spelling words from their spelling patterns this week. One student went above and beyond and used ALL of his spelling words to make a multi-paragraph story! All of the students really enjoy this activity and it is so fun to see what kinds of sentences they come up with! This is a great exercise to do with your spellers at home with weekly spelling words, or vocabulary!



This week we started a Wonder Wall in our classroom. This space allows our scholars to jot down something they wonder about. Students can then research these curiosities throughout the week, as time allows. It teaches them to not only have these wonders, but to also take the initiative to explore these wonders. This not only supports our social-emotional curriculum but also instills the importance of asking questions!


Important Dates


  • Wednesday, October 31st-  Halloween Carnival, 11:30 dismissal
  • Monday, November 5th- Science Fair Presentations
  • Monday, November 12- ½ Day- Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Tuesday,November 13- ½ Day- Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Tuesday, November 20- ½ Day- Harvest Feast