The Cooper School Daily


Kindergarten Playdate
This week, we were so excited to invite Kindergarteners to stay after school one afternoon for a special classwide playdate. Some students brought a favorite toy to share with their classmates as we spent an hour just celebrating the special bonds that we have built in our classroom. Students spent the afternoon playing and catching up with friends in their favorite spot, our backyard.

Shifting Comparisons
Kindergarten mathematicians began to compare numbers sets within 10. They have been using terms more or less in comparison to length. This week, Kindergarteners built onto their understanding of comparisons by comparing objects to see which set has more! Proud counters also worked to create and identify sets that have the same number of objects.

Sneaky Inflected Endings
This week Kindergarten readers built on their understanding of snap words by investigating ways that inflected endings such as: -s, -ed, and -ing,  can disguise familiar words. These brave readers are learning to look closely when they come across an unfamiliar word, looking again for a familiar snap word hiding inside! We are busy strengthening our snap word power to read snap words with inflected endings!

Important Dates:
March 7th & 8th – Self-Assessment Conferences
March 28th-April 1st – Spring Break