The Cooper School Daily

Kinderbuddies Are Bucket Fillers!

Snap Word Super Powers!
Kindergarteners have been working hard to master reading and writing our first group of SNAP WORDS! SNAP WORDS are the high frequency words that appear the most in books that we read. These words don’t always sound out phonetically and it is important that young readers and writers learn to read and write them in a SNAP! This week we practiced reading flashcards, rainbow writing, and inserting SNAP WORDS into our Show & Tell writing. We are starting to notice that these words are used a lot by readers and writers! Soon we will be sending home a set of SNAP WORD flashcards to practice at home!

Monarch Madness
Students began a very exciting unit this week, our Monarch Butterfly study! Kindergarteners have been busy as butterflies this week learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly, the parts of a butterfly, and all about their upcoming migration to Mexico! We will be participating in the Journey North Symbolic Migration project, where students will create monarch butterflies to “migrate” to Mexico through the mail as we eagerly await butterflies returning to our classroom in the Spring from all over North America!

Living the Life of a Bucket Filler
We have been celebrating kindness this week in Kindergarten as students thought of ways they could “fill someone’s bucket”. Our little bucket fillers have been working so hard to find ways to make others smile and feel good about themselves. We have loved closing our day asking Kindergarteners for examples of ways someone filled their bucket today!

Important Dates
October 12th & 13th – Fall Break (No School)
October 20th – School Picture Day
October 30th – TCS Halloween Celebration (11:30 Dismissal)