The Cooper School Daily


Our First Fire Drill
This week, The Cooper School practiced fire safety as a school by preparing ourselves in the event of a fire. Kindergarteners bravely shared all of their experience and knowledge of what to do if we find ourselves in danger. Students proudly shared that they knew to stay calm, to line up, to listen to teachers, and to get out of our emergency door as quickly as possible. Our fire drill ran so smoothly that Kindergarteners asked to try it again!

Counting In Groups
Kindergarteners got a chance this week to practice using whiteboards and markers of their own. Using our math tools, Kindergarteners practiced writing and counting in 5-groups. Students also used another one of their most easily accessible math tools, their fingers! After all of our fun counting, our math lesson turned into a classwide impromptu sketch of our class’ live model, Mr. Ryan.

All About Taking Care of My Body
During Social Studies this week, our class discussed all of the ways that we take care of our bodies! Kindergarteners talked about how they eat healthy, drink water, wash their hands, exercise and brush their teeth to keep their KinderBodies happy and moving! Kindergarteners were jazzed to learn a new song about dental care and were so excited to share everything they already knew!

Important Dates:
September 22nd – Virtual Curriculum Night
October 18th-19th – Fall Break (No School)