The Cooper School Daily

Kindergarten Accomplishments!

Compliments, Compliments, Everywhere!
Kindergarteners have been preparing for Valentine’s Day in big ways. Students have been meeting with teachers to compose a list of compliments for their friends. This week, thoughtful Kinderbuddies finished creating compliments for each one of their classmates. We launched this project by investigating what makes a good compliment and discovered that a really good compliment fills a person’s bucket and the best compliments are about the person’s insides and how they are as a human. Next week, students will spend time illustrating each compliment in preparation for the BIG day! These sweet books will be sent home with classmates next week and are absolute treasures to keep forever!

Are There Enough?
This week, Kindergarteners dove deeper into their math lessons by looking at a comparison of numbers. In their math studies, students explored and compared area by participating in everyday activities, such as comparing two pieces of paper to determine which one will allow them to create a larger drawing. As Kindergarteners became more familiar with enough, students began to branch out and explore problems using more than, fewer than, and the same as. We are proud of our brave mathematicians as they continue to flex their math muscles!

Then vs. Now
This week, Kindergarteners spent time considering the areas in their life in which they have improved. We asked students to think about all of the things that they can do now that they were not able to do at the beginning of our school year. Kindergarteners gushed over their abilities to read, write, and count! Though we already knew and had seen this growth, it was so beautiful to hear little ones proudly acknowledge their own accomplishments! As we look forward, we will set academic goals for things that Kindergarteners want to accomplish before they are First Graders!

Important Dates:
February 10 – Kindergarten Playdate (Afterschool 3pm-4pm)
February 15 – February 16 – February Break
February 18- Move Up Day!
March 1st & 2nd – Student Led Conferences (11:30 Dismissal)