The Cooper School Daily

Kindergarten Buddies!


The best way to learn something and put it into long term memory is to review and practice several times. That’s why 5th graders reviewed several algorithms for adding and subtracting with whole numbers and decimals this week. Your mathematicians reviewed the partial sums, column addition, and trade-first subtraction methods. By the end of the week they put these methods to practice by solving number stories. Ask your child which algorithm they prefer to use.


In 5th grade, “Centers” takes place twice a week and is a time for students to have some choice and challenge related to our curriculum. During this time, each scholar is told which center to begin with, which order to move in, and then they move through the centers at their own pace. This week, students had the opportunity to build onto their humdinger from science, draw pictures of the plot from Holes, and practice their cursive handwriting. Next week, we look forward to playing a math game, building go-carts, and creating comic strips with our vocabulary words! Ask your child which center was their favorite this week.

Photo_Sep_23,_11_08_26_AMReading Buddies

This week I discovered the niche of this 5th grade class. They are leaders! On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to meet with our Kindergarten reading buddies. Your sweet scholars read books to their buddies, ate lunch with their buddies, and then played on the playground together. I was absolutely blown away by how natural this was for them. Every 5th grader picked out appropriate books, engaged the kindergarteners in conversation, and created kinder-friendly games on the playground. When it was over, one kindergartener came up to me and said, “I enjoyed that. I wish we could play with 5th grade every day”! Ask your chid about their Kindergarten buddy.