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Kindergarten News

Shapes, Shapes,Shapes

This week in math Kindergarten mathematicians have been working with 2-Dimensional shapes. In addition to being vital to math learning, 2D shapes are important for art and life skills. Shapes are the basis of many early drawing and painting lessons. Kindergarteners used straws this week to build 2D shapes such as triangles, squares, rectangles and hexagons. We are now observing and studying solid shapes, ask your Kindergarten student what their favorite shape is so far!


Reading Powers

This week Kindergarten readers have being using all their super reading powers to help them become better readers. Readers have been able to talk about the book before reading it and discuss with their peanut butter and jelly partner about what they think the story is about. They have also learned to read a book and discuss it with their partner afterwards. Your Kindergartener has the ability to use many reading powers such as rereading power, picture power, pointer power, partner power, sound power, persistent power, book talk power and snap word power. Ask you Kindergartener what their favorite power is!


Artichect Will Wingfield

On Wednesday, Lulu’s dad came to visit our class and discuss buildings with our class. Will Wingfield is an amazing architect that shared much of his knowledge and answered many curious questions our young builders had. Kindergarteners were able to see tools and look at many examples of different buildings that he has designed for various businesses and families. Kindergartners were also able to touch cardboard models of buildings that he designed. Our young builders are learning more each day about buildings and eager to know what will come next!


Important Dates

  • Tuesday, November 20- ½ Day- Harvest Feast
  • Thursday, November 29- Tree Decorating at 3:15 (Marion Square)
  • Friday, November 30- American College of Building Arts Field Trip