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Kindergarten Poets

Wrapping Up Biomes in a Fashionable Way

Kindergarten “Biome Experts” were delighted to show off their knowledge of the four biomes we studied during our Biome Fashion Show. Students did an outstanding job preparing their individual biome uniforms and props to represent the rainforest, desert, polar and wetland biomes. Kindergarteners worked to read and record an interesting fact about their biome during Learning Centers. They then wrote their biome fact in their very best and neatest handwriting to prepare for the fashion show.


Student Led Conferences

This week, Kindergarteners invited parents into the classroom to guide them through discussions and activities about their growth and goals. At the Self-Assessment station, students shared their Self-Assessment Folder, a portfolio full of student reflection on everything from Science to Handwriting. At the math center, parents played a nice game of Top-It. At the reading and writing center, students showed parents a “just-right” book from the beginning of the year, and a book that is just-right now… and what a difference we saw! At the Science and Social Studies center, students showed parents the difference between modesty, communication, protection and decoration. It was a fantastic afternoon!



Our young readers are learning about poetry. This week students learned how to sort books to distinguish between poetry books and storybooks. Readers also learned that poems look different than other types of writing. Poems have white space, can be written like a tall building, or sometimes the words seem to float on the page! During Writer’s Workshop, students practiced writing poems about things that are important to them. Writers are discovering different ways to find inspiration!

Important Dates:

  • Saturday, March 16th – Spring Planting Party
  • Spring Break – March 25-29