The Cooper School Daily

Kindergarten Weekly


Young scientists have been busy learning all about chicks and chickens during Science this week! Kindergarteners discovered the structure of hen eggs. Our Kindergartners learned that hen eggs have 5 different compartments.They learned that the shell and shell membrane are located on the outside and the yolk and egg white are located on the inside. Kindergarteners learned about the air cell, chalaza and the embryo. Our scientists are becoming bigger chick enthusiasts everyday!


Math Mania

This week in Math our Kindergarten mathematicians have been learning how to decompose the numbers nine and ten. Our scholars have used our fabulous five group counting skills to take apart these numbers. Kindergartens also have been practicing decomposition with a subtraction equation. Our mathematicians are able to represent subtraction story problems by breaking off numbers, crossing out numbers and hiding parts of them. Ask your Kindergartener what was their favorite part of math this week!


Writing Session

This week in Writing Workshop Kindergartners continued with writing “how to” stories. Our scholars have written up to five books this week. Kindergarteners enjoyed working with their “strawberry and banana” partners during these Writing Workshops to get fresh and new topics to write about. Kindergartners love writing about things in which they are experts and explaining it to others. Ask your scholar to tell you about one of the many books they have written. Stay tuned for more of this great work!

Important Dates:

  • Study Trip to Dock Street Theatre on April 23rd 9:30-11
  • Thursday, April 25th- Spring Auction
  • Friday, April 26th 12-12:30 Swimming Lessons
  • Monday, April 29th Legare Farms
  • Friday, May 3rd 12-12:30 Swimming Lessons
  • Friday, May 10th Kindergarten Grandparents & Special Friends Day (11:30 Dismissal)
  • Friday, May 10th Pass It On (5pm-6pm)