The Cooper School Daily

Kindergarten Weekly

Biomes & Fashion

This week Kindergartners have continued to learn more about our four biomes Polar, Rainforest, Desert and Wetlands. They have been so excited to share what accessories, clothing and stuffed animals they will be wearing for the fashion show. We have been practicing how students will be strutting down the runway and we are almost “runway status” ready! We can’t wait until the fashion show next week to share all the hard work the Kindergartners have been creating and practicing.



On Tuesday, our Kindergartners participated in Movement to get some exercise and energy out. We decided to link our Movement activity to our biomes project. Our Kindergartners decided to play Safari Run. This game involved our scholars pretending to be different animals from our biomes. Students pretended to be penguins and polar bears from the polar biome, camels and kangaroos from the desert biome, alligators and lizards from the wetlands and sloths and frogs from the rainforest biomes. Our Kindergartners enjoyed this Movement activity so much. Ask your child to act out some of these animals for you!



This week our Kindergartners talked about sewing to continue our clothing unit. We learned about different needles and types of fabrics. Students then got to participate in sewing their very own button onto a fabric square. We had the pleasure of having the Fifth Graders come into our classroom to help our scholars learn how to sew. Ask your Kindergartner to show you their sewn on button!


Important Dates

  • March 4 Biome Fashion Show 10:45am
  • March 4th  Student Led Conferences- Half Day
  • March 5th Student Led Conferences- Half Day
  • March 16th Spring Planting Party
  • Spring Break – March 25-29