The Cooper School Daily

Kindergarteners are Biome Experts!

Rocking the Runway
Kindergarteners knocked our socks off this week as they finally got the opportunity to walk the runway in their biome fashion show. Students were so excited to strut down the catwalk, show off the ensemble they had pieced together, and share their fact about the Desert, Rainforest, Polar and Wetlands biomes that they have been so busy studying! Students then got the opportunity to show off the homes they had built with their biomes in mind as well as their artwork! They brought their family and friends around the room to show off their own work as well as brag about their friends’ work. Students’ excitement really warmed our hearts and they’ve been asking about doing another Biome Fashion Show ever since!

Number Bonds
This week, students were excited to get started working on number bonds! Number bonds are models that show how numbers can be taken apart where the bigger number is the whole and the smaller numbers are the parts. Number bonds are shown in different positions so that students become flexible thinkers! Kindergarteners have been so proud to show us this week all that they know about composing and decomposing numbers under five! We’ve been so excited to hear children putting all of their knowledge into full sentences to really clarify the tricky math their brain is doing! 

Rhyme, Rhythm & Repetition
This week, Kindergarten poets learned how to take a closer look at poetry to identify rhyme, rhythm and repetition. These brave scholars learned how poets include rhyming words and repetition to create rhythm in poetry. Kindergarten poets know to look at the world through the eyes of a poet. They have the natural ability to look at everyday items through the lense of a poet. These brave and beautiful writers spent time reading and writing poems during Reading and Writing Workshop. Ask your Kindergartener what they learned about poetry this week! 

Important Dates
March 14th – Spring Planting Party (9am-12pm)
March 23rd-27th – Spring Break (No School)