The Cooper School Daily

Kindergarteners are Leaders!

Student-Led Conferences
Kindergarteners knocked our socks off and blew our minds this week as they welcomed parents into our classroom to show them all of the learning that they have done this year in Kindergarten. We were so excited to watch as students proudly grabbed mom or dad by the hand to drag them around our classroom to show off their published How-To books, their One Word for 2021, their self-portraits, and to introduce them to the star of our classroom, Fireball! We loved getting to hear Kindergarteners sit down with their parent, go through their portfolio and share all of the ways that they have grown this year. Thank you all for sharing this magic with us!

This week, Kindergarten readers and writers have been using their own personal word wall filled with familiar SNAP words. Students are using this tool to help them throughout the school day across subject areas. This week, students were challenged to create their very own BINGO board filled with SNAP words. Kindergarteners were thrilled to the gills to practice reading and identifying their SNAP words as we used the boards to play SNAP Word BINGO throughout the week!

Biomes of the World
This week, Kindergarten students zoomed into the biomes of the world to analyze the different parts in each. Students discussed and compared the flora, fauna, climate and landforms in the polar, rainforest, desert and wetland biomes. Students began to discuss the types of buildings you might in each area of the world, taking special note of what makes each different! Students are excited to research a bit more as they move into groups and construct their own models of a home in their assigned biome!

Important Dates:
March 29th – April 5th – Spring Break (No School)