The Cooper School Daily

Creative Kindergarteners

After all of the excitement of our We Are Readers! Parade last week, Kindergarteners dove head first into their reading lives this week. Students spent the week discussing their reading super powers, specifically the Pointer Power in their own hands. Students worked this week on using the magic of their own pointer finger to follow along while sounding out the sounds of letters. Kindergarteners were so excited to put their powers to work with new books. Our classroom is filled with a love of reading and all of the exciting adventures it will take us on!

Students continued their writing study and practice this week by continuing their practice on forming each letter of the alphabet, but then applying those letters to their own work. Our classroom was filled with storytellers as we began the week working on our own stories with a beginning, middle, and end. Once their tales were tailored, Kindergarteners illustrated their stories over three pages. Soon after, students began the exciting work of labeling their pictures with sounds they already knew and stretching the sounds of new words to describe each detail of their drawing. Kindergarten creativity is not in short supply in our classroom!

Butterflies Still Hanging Around
Just when we thought we’d hang up our butterfly wings for our exciting pumpkin study, we got some exciting news in our classroom. Students have been abuzz with excitement since our insect study and have been monitoring the caterpillars in our classroom closely. Kindergarteners watched as our caterpillars grew and grew, and were excited to return after our long weekend to find that they had formed chrysalides! We are excitedly awaiting the metamorphosis of our butterfly buddies!

Important Dates
October 25th- Pumpkin Patch Trip
October 30th- Pumpkin Presentation (2pm)
October 31st- Halloween Carnival (11:30 Dismissal)
November 11th- K-2 Grandparents & Special Friends Morning
November 11th- Conferences (11:30 Dismissal)
November 12th- Conferences (11:30 Dismissal)