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Land Ho!

Land Ho!

Come aboard a Spanish caravel as the 5th Graders learn what it was really like to be an early explorer in the late 1400s.  After studying the history of the early explorers, reading a historical fiction novel about Christopher Columbus’ exploration to the New World, and researching an explorer of their choice, 5th Graders participated in an Explorers Simulation!  Each ship crew had to select a charter from either Spain or Portugal, and navigate their ship through rough seas, disease, lack of supplies, and hostile natives. Every day students worked together to make decisions about the fate of their ship and then entered their thoughts into a personal log, just like the ship’s scribe would have done.  Ask your child if they made it back safely!



This week’s Morning Meeting guru talked about sportsmanship. He discussed what it looks like and sounds like, he even brought in pictures to show what good sportsmanship looks like with his favorite sports teams! We used this knowledge and his expertise during Movement on Tuesday when we played Capture the Flag. Teams congratulated each other on a job well done, and then we named one thing we thought the other team did well.


Super Spellers

Our spellers were hard at work this week. Each week students are given a new set of words that they must sort into the correct spelling pattern. Students do this in a variety of ways. Some students work with partners, while others test themselves with speed while sorting their words in categories, trying to beat their best time. Our Fifth Grade spellers love to hunt through their Scholastic News magazines to find as many of their spelling patterns as they can!

Important Dates

  • Monday, March 5 and Tuesday, March 6- Student-Led Conferences (11:30 Dismissal Days)
  • Friday, March 8- Explorers Presentation (8:30 A.M -9:00 A.M.)
  • Saturday, March 16- Spring Planting Party