The Cooper School Daily

Land Ho!


Land Ho! This week students began reading a historical fiction book, Pedro’s Travels. Students have been following the story of a young boy who sets sail with Christopher Columbus. Students are focusing on reading comprehension strategies and creating a timeline of his voyage. Also, students began doing intensive research on an explorer of their choosing to take notes and write a research essay. Students are reading articles, texts and non-fiction books to compile their research. Ask your child what explorer they are researching!



This week students have compiled their research on the pros and cons of chocolate milk. Students have chosen their position and written a persuasive letter to the opposing side on why or why not chocolate milk should be served in schools. Students focused on adding quotations from sources, using transitional phrases, and their opinions into a five-paragraph letter. In part two of the unit, students will continue to work on building their position and turn their letter into a persuasive essay.



During Morning Meeting this week, students focused on discussing self-confidence. Last week, students wrote goals for the end of the school year to build their confidence for middle school. This week, students wrote notes to their friends on how they can help them with their goals. Students discussed how self-confidence of others can be boosted by words of encouragement and excitement. Ask your child how they can boost their self-confidence?

Important Dates

April 26th– Kayaking/SUP

May 4th– Grandparents Day 10am-11:30am (Early Dismissal)

May 4th– Pass It On- 5p.m. Charleston Museum

May 3rd– Kayaking/SUP

May 10th– Kayaking/SUP

May 17th– Kayaking/SUP

May 20th– End of the Year Picnic

May 28th– Memorial Day – No school

May 31st– Graduation

June 1st– Field Day