The Cooper School Daily

Last Day of Third Grade !!!

Fairy Tales Stories

On Wednesday scholars were able to share their completed fairy tale stories and comic strips with the second graders. Scholars worked so hard these last few weeks to add details, pictures and expressions in their work. Our young writers enjoyed this fairy tale unit so much and can’t wait to share them with you. 

Field Day

On Friday third graders enjoyed the last day of the school year with one of our favorite days, Field Day!! Scholars had so much fun going to each booth put together by our fifth graders such as the obstacle course, water balloon race, water balloon slip-n-slide and so many more fun booths. We finished off this fantastic day with snow cones!


Today marks the last day of the school year! Third Graders have worked so hard and grown so much this school year. We had an amazing year in third grade. Our scholars are so excited for fourth grade next year!