The Cooper School Daily

Last of January


At The Cooper School, we love when we get to work across the curriculum on our projects and presentations! One way we did that this week was to explore Bamboo during Art. Miss Libby did an amazing job teaching us how to shade and structure the bamboo. These water-color paintings will surely have a pride of place at our Asia Presentation! Art this week did a wonderful job of bringing in some nature on a rainy, gray day!


Third Grade readers finished reading our class novel, the Asian folktale The Magic Paintbrush. They thought back to everything that happened in the book and discovered the theme of the story which is not always an easy task! Readers were very excited to start a new novel, The Year of the Dog and identify differences between the narrator’s point of view and our own point of view. Students ended the week by listening to Ms. Renee read one of her favorite books, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse and  then talked about the life lessons that were intertwined throughout the book. This was a perfect farewell reading for us to do as a class!

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week, we were so excited to begin our China Research Study. We will be learning all about a variety of topics such as Panda Bear Sanctuaries, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Army, and much, much more! As part of our research of China, we will be making many hands-on crafts. The first of these this week were paper fans. We had a great time translating our names into simplified Chinese characters to write them on our fans! It was a lot of fun to compare them to our English names. 

Important Dates:

February 15 & 16- February Break: No School