The Cooper School Daily

Last Trimester Begins


This week we launched our new science unit, Structures of Life. Students began by brainstorming what they thought that could mean. Lots of ideas and discussion came around to understanding the way things grow. We launched with an investigation into fruits and seeds. Students got to dissect a variety of fruits in search of the seeds. They discovered that seeds are often found in the middle or near the top of the fruit to protect the seeds. They also noticed that seeds come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors. And, favorite of all, they enjoyed the yummy and somewhat messy experience!


We wrapped up our study of opinion writing this week, in which students have been expressing their brave and bold opinions in speeches and letters. Third Graders have enjoyed expressing themselves on topics that matter to them. From pets to own, places to visit, to problems they observe and solutions they can see for issues around the school. This includes more bus stops for our school bus, different movies for movie night, and the always popular “free dress” day. These letters could then be delivered to their intended audience, be it other students, teachers, or Miss Franci and Miss Anne Wil. Third Graders learned about the power of their words.

Self Assessment Conferences

Third Graders did an amazing job presenting their portfolios to parents this week! This is a special time of year at The Cooper School in which students lead the parent teacher conference, sharing with their parents all the things they have reflected on about their learning. Leading up to this meeting, students have been reflecting on themselves as learners and their growth over this year. Through conversations and writings, students gathered thoughtful information about themselves to share with their parents. All students were then able to present this information with pride and confidence to their parents.


Important Dates

  • Saturday, March 24th                        Spring Planting Party
  • Monday, March 26th                         Third Grade Radio Show, 1:45
  • Friday, March 30th                            Spring Break begins
  • Monday, April 9th                              Return from Spring Break