The Cooper School Daily

Last Week in Second Grade

Reflecting on Second Grade

We are wrapping up the year by talking about our favorite memories of second grade. Students have been filling out reflections on their time in our classroom. They have been thinking about subjects they loved and some subjects that may not have been their favorite. At the end, they got to autograph each other’s packets. We can’t believe second grade is over, we are so proud of their hard work. 

How Much Have We Grown

Second grade students have not only grown academically but physically this year. At the beginning of the year students measured their height and put it in an envelope to save for the end of the year. The time has now come to reflect on their growth. Students measured their height again to see the difference between the beginning of the year and the end of the year! Most students grew between 1 – 2 inches this school year.

Writing Share

Students have wrapped up their realistic fiction writing unit and it is time to share their stories. During a partner share, students had the opportunity to share their writing with their peers. During the writing process they brought their ideas to life and were so excited to share with others. They even created one of a kind covers for their books. They have been working so hard and it is so exciting to see them proud of their hard work.