The Cooper School Daily

Last Week of Second Grade

Reminiscing About Our Younger Selves

This week is the last week of second grade! The school year has flown by with so many fun adventures, however, our second graders have changed so much over this school year. All the way at the beginning of the school year students put together an envelope with a self portrait, their height, and a letter to their future self. This week we opened the envelopes and looked at how much we have grown this school year. Many students were shocked by their drawing skills and how well they have improved this school year! It was definitely exciting to see how much they have grown!

Sharing our Stories!

Second graders have been working hard putting the finishing touches on their realistic fiction stories. This week students were editing and revising their stories in order to share with the third graders! After creating a cover and putting all their writing together they got the chance to share with their classmates as well as peers in other grades. Third graders shared their fairytale writing with the second graders, and we then shared realistic fiction stories with them!

Memories of Second Grade

This week second graders thought back to all the fun memories they had in second grade. Filling out a packet that has questions, stories, and a spot for all their classmates to sign the back. Even though our year is coming to an end it is fun for students to reminisce on all the fun adventures we have done this year in second grade! We can’t believe they are almost third graders!

Have a wonderful summer!
Subhadra and Josie