The Cooper School Daily

Launching First Units of Study


Math is an exciting time in Grade 1. Students explore numbers in many ways, perform mental math and written responses, and practice their skills and strategies through games. This week, First Graders explored a number of math manipulatives, like pattern block templates, dice, coins, and Base-10 Blocks. We even had time to learn two new math games: Monster Squeeze and Penny Dice!

Writing Workshop

The most important writing task that First Graders completed this week was to write their Hopes and Dreams for First Grade. These goals help us in cooperatively deciding on our class rules. What came out of the wonderful Hopes and Dreams this year were four concise, student-generated rules that we will follow this year.

1. Treat others how you want to be treated. (The Golden Rule)

2. One Voice (Only one person can speak at a time / Listen to your teacher)

3. Help each other.

4. Go with the flow. (Be flexible and open)


For the first several weeks of school, First Graders will be having Movement with Second Graders. These older students will be helping us to understand how to play group games safely and how to have the most fun! This week, First and Second Grade students discussed the rules of Predator vs. Prey – The Cooper School’s version of Tunnel Tag or Freeze Tag. The older students explained how to tag gently with a “two finger touch” and how to run fast without falling down. It was a big success, and the students especially loved the “all teachers are it!” final round of play.