The Cooper School Daily

Launching new units of study


img_1741Mathematicians are using standard units of measurements to find various lengths by using customary and metric units. Students have created and use an agreed unit, our “class shoe” as a common unit to further explore the need for standard units of measure. In math, students will develop the concept of area and investigate the relationship between diameter and circumference. Math partners will begin img_1726exploring the value of π as they take a closer look at the relationship between diameter and circumference.




Informational Texts

In reading workshop, readers are learning to research as they interpret nonfiction texts. Readers are reading to learn. In this unit, students will determine the main of idea of a text by recounting the key ideas and explaining how they support the main idea. Readers will use text features to locate information about a given topic. Students will respond to their text by writing notes to describe cause/effect, define vocabulary, make connections between sentences or paragraphs and sequence events.


This week in writing workshop, writers launch the art of information writing! Writers are learning how to plan the organization of their writing by dividing their topic into parts. Students use a variety of structures during their planning, such as: boxes, bullets, cause and effect, pros and cons, and compare-and-contrast charts. Writers will also consider the kinds of information that information writers include: quotations, statistics, anecdotes, observations, descriptions, vocabulary words, lists and labels.


Looking Ahead…

It is Halloween Carnival time! The carnival is an old-fashioned, fun-filled day put on by the oldest children for the younger children’s enjoyment. We invite students to wear costumes to school, but we ask that they are not too scary; no gore, guts, or weapons please! Parents and grandparents are invited to join us for the Halloween Carnival on Monday, October 31st, beginning at 10:00 am. Dismissal is at 11:30 am. We hope to see you there!


Important Dates:

  • Monday, October 31st         Halloween Carnival, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Wednesday, November 9th Parent Coffee
  • November 14-15th   Parent/Teacher Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal
  • November 22nd       Harvest Feast, 11:30 Dismissal
  • November 23-27th   Thanksgiving Break, No School