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Launching the Bird Study!

Bird Study

Second Graders have begun studying birds this week. These curious scholars are reading, writing, and learning about
 the characteristics that make a bird unique. Everything from feathers to hollow bones, students identified all the features that birds have in common. To assess their understanding of physical attributes, students read an article about penguins. Since penguins don’t fly or have hollow bones like typical birds, scholars were challenged to write an argument persuading me that penguins were birds. After reading all of the persuasive arguments, I am 100% convinced penguins are indeed birds!


This week mathematicians continued learning all about fractions. Second Graders spent time reviewing fractionApril 15th pic 2 concepts then got to work developing a more solid understanding of equivalent fractions through many hands-on activities. Students played “Fraction Top-It” and the “Equivalent Fraction Game” to practice comparing fractions. Students compared fractions by using fraction cards, blocks, and other visual representations. Second Graders wrapped up the unit by developing strategies for solving number stories involving fractions.


Several weeks of vocabulary comes from the Bird Study. There are so many wonderful words that are used to describe how birds move and function but can also be applied to other contexts as well. Words such as soar or swoop pertain to birds, but they also can be used to describe other things. Students are now using these words across several contexts.

Important Dates:

     Wednesday, April 20th                     School Picture Day

     Friday, May 6th                                  Grandparent’s Day (1/2 Day of School)

     Friday, May 6th                                  Pass-It-On