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Learning All About Winter Holidays and Traditions!

Mem Fox

Students continued reading Mem Fox books this week. We discussed traits of figurative language such asphoto-dec-08-9-49-02-am onomatopeoia, alliteration, and similies. They also learned about repetition and echo line, the purpose for it, and how Mem Fox uses it in her books. Students created a beautiful memory quilt in honor of the beloved book Wilford Gordon MacDonald Patridge. Last, students chose their favorite Mem Fox book to share and read with a First Grade reading buddy. As this author study comes to a close, all students agree that Mem Fox tells beautiful, thoughful stories.

Holiday Celebration

This week in Whole School Morning Meetings, students and teachers investigated unique traditions and holidaysphoto-dec-08-8-01-43-am that occur around the world during December and January. This year’s focus is symbols, and how each holiday incorporates symbols into their special holiday celebrations. The week began by students learning about the “Christmas tree”, and it’s representation in the holiday of Christmas. Next, students learned about “The Nativity” which stems from the Christian holiday of Christmas. This symbol is used to represent the Mexican holiday of Las Posadas. Las Posadas lasts from December 16th to Christmas Eve and includes a procession of children and parents through town.

Second Graders also shared stories of how they celebrate during this season and enjoyed comparing their own family traditions. All the children delighted in learning something new about their friends and the traditions that take place in their homes.

Science Symposium

Second Graders put the finishing touches on their science boards this week. Expert scientists are getting ready for their Science Symposium on Monday. They gathered the materials that they will need to set-up in order for parents to recreate the lab report they have meticulously studied and written. On Thursday, Second Graders presented their science boards and experiments to Fifth Graders in order to gain feedback or make any last minute changes. Second Graders were delighted to hear Fifth Graders compliments upon concluding their presentation.

Pajama Drive

The Cooper School is participating with Pajama Program to donate new, unused pajamas to local 6 to 12 year old children in need of warm sleepwear during this holiday season! We are collecting pajama sets and nightgowns December 12-16. To find out more about  this incredible organization, please visit their website:



Important Dates:

Monday, December 12th                2nd Grade Science Symposium

Friday, December 16th                   Pajama Day- Half Day

December 16th– January 3rd           Winter Break

Wednesday, January 4th                School Resumes