The Cooper School Daily

Learning and Playing


Our budding insect experts got a treat this week when the 4th grade class came to join us for a special dramatic lesson. In mixed groups, students from both classes were tasked with performing skits illustrating the stages of an ant’s life cycle. They had planning and rehearsal time, and then performed the skits for their classmates. Ants have a fascinating life cycle. Did you know that certain worker ants are designated to lick the larvae to keep them moist until they pupate? Did you know that, after her mating flight, queen ants rub their wings free from their bodies and begin digging a new colony? Amazing!

Reading Buddies

Not only did the Fourth Graders join us for science, but we also read, played, and ate with them! First Graders selected nonfiction books to share with them, and they selected fiction books to share with us! It was a lovely time to relax in the classroom and enjoy literature together. Afterwards, the new friends went outside to play games and get to know each other. At The Cooper School, we believe that opportunities for students to work together and make friends across grade levels provide valuable role modeling experiences. Not to mention the fact that they are a lot of fun!

Recess Play

This week we introduced jump ropes to the students as the newest recess toy! After creating rules for jump rope use, TCS students immediately began using them and getting their friends involved in the fun. There may have even been a few teachers who bravely jumped rope with students… If you know any jump rope rhymes from when you were in elementary school, teach your children so that they can bring them to school to teach their friends!

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, October 4 – Parent Presentation, The Gift of Failure, 7:00pm, Porter-Gaud
  • Monday & Tuesday, October 10 & 11 – No School, Fall Break