The Cooper School Daily

Learning Fun


This week we launched into our first reading study. Third Graders were delighted to get to know the character Julian and all his friends from “Stories Julian Tells”. These tales are about a young boy and the adventures he gets into with his little brother and friends. Readers have enjoyed diving deeper into this world and looking at the use of nonliteral language. Students are learning how to take notes as they read and have literature discussions with the group.


This week also saw the launching of a new writing unit. This unit focuses on becoming strong personal narrative writers. One of the hardest parts about writing can be coming up with a story idea. When told to write about personal experiences, students are faced with so many choices that it is hard to choose! We talked about brainstorming a list of ideas to choose from. We also learned to narrow our brainstorm to thinking about one person, place, or pet that is important to us and brainstorming stories about them. With this focus in mind, students became furious writers with lots of stories to tell!


Third Grade spellers are mastering word patterns by cutting out their sort and sorting them by their specific spelling rule every day. This continued practice helps students to not just learn the spelling word for the test on Friday but learning the spelling rule to apply to their everyday writing. There are multiple spelling groups in this class that allow each student to receive the spelling rules they need. Practicing at home also helps students to make these words a part of their everyday spelling.

Important Dates:

  • Saturday, September 16th    TCS Yard Sale 8am – 12 pm
  • Sunday, September 17th      New Parent Social 5:30 – 7:30 pm
  • Thursday, September 28th   Curriculum Night 5:30 – 6:30 pm